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mySimBiz is a Simulated Work Experience Program based on the concept of applied learning. All of the activities and jobs are based upon real-world business applications where the individuals have the opportunity to start, manage and operate a small retail business selling home entertainment equipment. The program includes exercises, jobs, videos, additional in-depth resources, post-test and the ability to assemble a "competency portfolio."


Individuals make managerial-level decisions as they create and maintain the necessary records to operate their business. Each team competes with other teams in the class to earn the greatest net profit. There are thirty-six jobs in mySimBiz simulating six months of business activity. mySimBiz requires fifteen to thirty hours to complete.

Individuals will create their own files as well as use template files of document forms, spreadsheets, and other working papers. Before starting mySimBiz, you should have some knowledge of
  • Typing
  • Word Processing click for examples
  • Spreadsheets click for examples
  • Presentation Software click for examples
  • Internet Browser click for examples
Tutorials are available in mySimBiz for Typing, Word Processing, Spreadsheets, Presentation Software and Internet Browser.


mySimBiz can be used in high schools, colleges, one-stop centers, vocational & technical centers plus other types of institutions that are working with individuals in transition. Examples are:
  • Entrepreneurship Training
  • Computer Applications Classes
  • Business/Marketing Education Classes
  • Work Experience & Workforce Development Programs
  • Financial Education Classes
  • Individuals Contemplating a New Business