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Welcome to the Entrepreneurial Attitudes Assessment!

Welcome to the Entrepreneurial Attitude Assessment! This assessment is designed to help you learn more about yourself. The results can aid you in deciding whether you would like to go into business for yourself.

Experience tells us that the most successful entrepreneurs exhibit an amazing similarity in personal outlook. They tend to rank high in the following traits:
  • Creativity
  • Independence and Self-Reliance
  • Drive, Discipline and Determination
  • Energy
  • Risk Taking
  • Communications

Important Notes:

It is important to point out that Entrepreneurial Attitude Assessment was not designed to be a so-called "entrepreneurial quiz" where you determine your likelihood of success as a business owner from the score you receive. The objective was to assist you in thinking carefully and completely about the challenges that face you and your readiness to overcome them.

There is no such thing as the "perfect" entrepreneur. Successful businesses are being started by all kinds of people, many just like you or your neighbors. It is not the profile of the person starting the business that makes such a difference in survival, it is the preparation.

Over the last decade, almost anyone could start a business and survive for at least a year. Today, it costs more to stay alive in business and there is a lot more pressure separating the losers from the winners. Often the greatest obstacle for someone starting a business is the inability to focus on a single, well-thought-out and doable business idea.

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